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  • Can dental implants last a lifetime?
    Factors that determine the life of the screw teeth; It is the placement of the implants by using the right material and the right techniques and not disrupting the routine oral and dental care of the patient. As long as these issues are taken into consideration, the implant tooth can be used safely for many years.
  • Does the dental implant interfere with MRI?
    No, implants do not interfere with MRI. However, the material and type of dental implant can affect the side effects that can occur during MR imaging. The person who will undergo MR imaging should inform their doctor about the type of dental implants and the features of the MR device.
  • What is the success rate of dental implant procedure?
    The success rate of dental implant procedure depends on many factors, for example, it can vary depending on the location of the dental implant, the general health of the patient, smoking and other factors. In general, the success rate of the dental implant procedure is about 95% - 98% and very successful results can be achieved in the long run. This rate is valid for cases where the implants are placed properly and the patient performs regular dental care.
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